An Inkling of Some Sort

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An Inkling of Some Sort

Post  Razyn on Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:16 pm

At the dawn of the first morning of winter, the monastery of Meteor was busy. Master Cid had ordered the house servants to work nonstop for hours on end. The chefs had been cooking from dusk till dawn, preparing cuisines fit for travel. The seamsters have been laboring, preparing various sets of travel-wear.

Today, the youngest born Cid of Meteor, strongson of Headmaster Cid, was to be sent to a far land to train in an academy of warriors.

Such an excursion has been unprecedented up to that point. Not since Grandmaster Cid of eons old and War Transcended, has any member of the Meteor monastery taken emigration this far from their lands. But so has come the whimsy of this the newest Cid, by right of birth leader, to break from tradition.

So it is.

Cid Meteor took his first step onto the hard concrete, fully ready to venture forth to this unknown land.

His father, Master Cid, stood outside, away from the grand oak entrance, watching his steps with a proud, noble grin.

His mother, maiden of the compound Elizabeth, stayed inside, watching with a quivering lip and a happy glint in her eye. Standing next to her as she wept, was Cid's adored cousin, greatest of the branch family, Isabella. She, as the Master ahead, watched on as her elder trekked forward.

Upon reaching the edge of the family compound Cid merely nodded to his father, the act returned in kind. He then stepped beyond the barrier between the compound and the world beyond.

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